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Funny: Rockstar Games Throws A Subliminal Shot At Us Gamers

Today Rockstar Games released  a trailer  and finally gave Us an update for the much, much, much anticipated  Heists DLC; but giving again not an exact date but a timetable (Early 2015) in which we could expect said DLC.

I could already see some skeptics not being as excited by  Rockstar’s latest update and announcement, probably claiming to have heard this song before.

If you know the history of this particular DLC from its first reveal until now you can clearly see how Rockstar in this trailer  took a subliminal  — but not so subliminal shot at Us gamers.

From being promised to be a “day one” add on, to the speculation, rumors, speculation of the speculations, rumors of rumors, predictions (via “code cracking specialists”),  push backs — it’s coming, it’s not coming yet — it’s coming, it’s not coming yet to follow, it’s a dance all who are in love with the GTA V online component have been doing with Rockstar for the past year.

So now with the reveal of the new trailer in Rockstar typical humor uses ‘Lester’ to get their message across, a character in GTA V and GTA online who’s role in the game’s main story single player  campaign is the mastermind behind the bank heists you pull off,  and in  GTA Online  seems will reassume that role, but for now can be called for various favors such as getting the cops off your back or setting a bounty on other online players in the session.

In the very beginning of the trailer (you can see here) he says “I know you’ve been complaining…but you weren’t ready”.  At first glance it just looks like some in-game story plot right? But my better judgement says Rockstar was actually talking to Us; is fully aware of the turmoil over this past year and wanted to incorporate it into the game and specifically this trailer to let Us know they know.

They must have been smiling when they made it.

Clearly a shot at the many, many “complaints” that gamers have made this past year via their official forums, unofficial forums,  official website,  emails,  stamped mail, Facebook, Twitter and any other outlet gamers could express their disappointment over the approach that has been taken by the company to indefinitely delay one of  if not the most anticipated  DLC out of the one’s they announced.

If I were a betting man  (by the way where is the Casino DLC?) out of all the one’s released I could confidently say this would be the one DLC gamers couldn’t live without. To put in perspective Rockstar has released what? 4-6 DLC’s? Really unheard of  support/content for any one gaming title — for free mind you! And gamers  still have the “That’s cool but… “,”We still waiting” attitude lmbooo.

I know some gamers personally that have  been so hurt by the delay they’ve boycotted  GTA Online until they release it, well at least tried to, you see it’s hard  to accomplish because GTA Online is like cooked-coke-crack lmboooo.

So funny Rockstar, I indeed got your subliminal joke  now hopefully the release window will be serious.

Did anybody else catch Rockstar’s subliminal joke? CCU wants to hear from you.

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