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First Look: Madden NFL 12 Presentation

From EA:

It’s an October Sunday in sunny Tampa, Florida. But this is no ordinary Sunday, it’s game day! The clock strikes one o’clock and without warning, you hear the canons being fired from the pirate ship. That can only mean one thing. It’s time for the Bucs to hit the field.

Two rows of cheerleaders form a lane and led by Captain Fear and a group of flag runners, Tampa Bay storms the field. The player introductions conclude with the face of the franchise as the PA announcer says: “Your quarterback, from Kansas State, number five, Josh Freeman!”

The crowd erupts as one final canon shot booms throughout the stadium. Raymond James Stadium has never felt so alive. The ‘Madden’ franchise has never felt this alive.

This emotion is exactly what you get with Madden NFL 12 and it’s not exclusive to the Buccaneers. Every one of the 32 NFL franchises has a very custom, unique, and most importantly AUTHENTIC pregame introduction. I was lucky enough to sit down with art director Mike Young it didn’t take long to understand the goal for this year: nail every single detail.

How detailed are we talking? Young and his team studied for hours to make sure nothing was missing during pregame introductions. “We even matched the different (shapes and sizes) boxes that teams use for their pyro” Mike said.

The presentation enhancements for Madden NFL 12 don’t just stop with pregame improvements, that’s just the beginning. Each game will begin with a gorgeous, over the top, exterior blimp shot of the stadium. Even the surroundings of the stadium are true to life. For example, Browns Stadium is right on the North Coast Harbor and yes, there is even a barge docked in the water.

Madden NFL 12 also brings you a customized EA SPORTS television broadcast style. What I mean by that, is that banners, overlays, and stats are presented very similarly to what you’d expect to see on a true television broadcast, but EA SPORTS has tweaked that and made it something very original. Along with that TV broadcast style, comes specific camera angles that you might recognize. Kickoffs, field goals, and a few other areas of the game all use the same camera angles that you would see on game day.

The overall graphics for the game also received a major boost. The detail that goes in to each and every player is truly remarkable. Also, very noticeable in the build I played was the field degradation and get this, helmet degradation! That’s right, those beautiful, shiny, unblemished helmets you see in pregame are quickly replaced by marks and scuffs the players get during each collision. Very impressive to see.

Well that’s all for this time. There’s still plenty more information to come in the weeks and months going forward. I would love to hear your thoughts and impressions. Please feelĀ  free to comment or shoot me an @ mention to Madden NFL 12 comes out August 30th.


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