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For all you Fallout fans out there, GET READY!! Fallout Online is in development and on the way in 2012.You didn’t know? Thats why I’m here to give you a little taste.  So now the facts: it’s going to be a MMO. This is HUGE!! The Fallout universe is already vast. The wasteland can take you over twenty hours or more just to discover all of its secrets. Now just imagine what the online universe would be like, endless adventures with endless possibilities. Now I say endless adventures and possibilities because of the next fact, it’s only for the P.C. As a console gamer I am extremely hurt by this, however, having this game for the P.C would mean INCREDIBLE mods and AWESOME DLC. The Mods alone gave Fallout 3 and New Vegas an all new feel and experience, not to mention the replay value. Say goodbye to Bethesda as developer and hello to Interplay. Now many of you may not know or remember that Interplay developed the very first Fallout. Sounds crazy right? Due to money problems like most publishing and developing companies, Bethesda bought the rights to Fallout in April of 2007. Now don’t freak out, Interplay has a good resume when it comes to RPGs and video games such as Descent, Baldur’s Gate and Dungeons and Dragons.

Now wipe the saliva off your mouth and chin. Thats it. Good boy.

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