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Fallout: New Vegas patch 1.3 released

by Steve Watts

Fallout: New Vegas received its 1.3 patch today. The patch notes are vague on stability improvements, but senior producer (and Shacker extraordinaire) Jason Bergman previously promised that it would fix most of the crashes and lockups in the game.

The patch notes do include a hefty list of balance tweaks for weapons,
including damage, better zoom functionality on the missile launchers, and less ammo consumption for some energy weapons. Possibly the best update description is for the Splash Damage perk, which simply reads: “Functions properly.” Thank you, Obsidian, for your blunt honesty.

The continuing saga of the PlayStation Network outage means it’s hard to tell if the patch will go live on PS3 as planned. Bergman tweeted, “I’m told game updates may be functional over PSN, despite the outage (system updates are). If so, the FNV patch will be live at 00:00 GMT.” Unfortunately, that’s not really a guarantee.

We’d heard rumors that a new bit of Fallout: New Vegas downloadable content called “Honest Hearts” would follow the patch, and Bethesda would show it off its recent event in Utah. No such reveal took place at that time, but now that the game update is live we’ll have to see if the rumor of more DLC pans out.

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