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Fallout: New Vegas getting three new DLC packs

by Steve Watts

We heard rumors of more Fallout New Vegas downloadable content, but Bethesda surprised us today with the announcement of not one, but three upcoming DLC packs. The first is called “Honest Hearts,” as the rumors claimed, while the others are named “Old World Blues” and “Lonesome Road.”

Unlike Dead Money, these packs will hit PC, PS3, and 360 simultaneously. All three packs will cost $9.99 on the PlayStation Network and PC, or 800 MS Points on 360.

In Honest Hearts, available on May 17, your caravan is ambushed and you’re left stranded. Along the way back home, you run into a war between a New Canaanite missionary and the Burned Man.

Old World Blues will release in June, and covers the origins of some monsters as you explore abandoned pre-war research centers, and become the unwilling participant in a science experiment yourself.

Finally, Lonesome Road is set for July, and brings closure to the some dangling plot threads from the original game. The original courier, a man named Ulysses, refused to deliver the Platinum Chip. He sends you a transmission promising to explain why, but only if you take one last job through the stormy area called the Divide. People don’t survive the Divide, so it’s a good bet that Ulysses doesn’t really expect you to come back.

Bethesda was waiting for the stability patch before making any DLC announcements. Now it’s been released, though 360 users are still having serious issues that need fixing.

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