No one on PSN has a mic…Do you believe that?

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on a topic that frequently comes up and thats  the perception that NO ONE ON PSN have mics. Which in translation means most people on PSN don’t have mics. I know a lot of that energy comes from people who are spoiled by Xbox Live (nothing wrong with that) it’s feature set and that headsets come out the box but…..

OK so many people I come across and even my own team states this claim. More times than not when I’m playing online with friends they make this claim. Heck! I even started to believe the myth and then through my many nights on the PSN and my observation I came to this conclusion. EVERYBODY ON PSN  has a mic!!! Which in translation means more people on PSN have mics than you think. Dont believe me! Well try this experiment, next time you get on PSN and your playing with friends, come across as having  a gang of fun or get a interesting conversation or topic going or talk trash about the other teams inability to win or even grenade or rocket launch your own teammate (by mistake or on purpose lol) and watch those little headsets light up one by one.

So I said to myself…and self said…wait a minute all this time you all had mics?!! So I thought about it some more and I came up with this, when you are in multiplayer by yourself and when I say by yourself I mean not in a party, I think the tendency is to leave your mic off, and think about it, it makes sense, I liken it to going to a party and not knowing anyone, you probably won’t  talk as much vs if you knew all or a lot of the people attending– totally different vibe. Unless of course your prompted to, ie by the things I mentioned above. Even if you hear so much as communication and strategy being tossed back and forth you might find yourself not being able to fight pressing that little power button on your mic. Heck! I even do it,  when I’m in a party, mic on no prooooblem! When I’m not in a party that mic is probably off, it’s almost night and day and that’s when I got it because I’m saying OH SHOOT! That’s what they’re thinking — that I don’t have a mic…So they’re thinking I don’t  have a mic, I’m thinking they don’t have a mic and the urban legend is born.

Here’s the kicker though…y’all ready? y’all gonna love this! The same people who complain that no one on PSN has mics are the same people that are the first to mute anyone outside of their party. Go figure! Oh thee irony!! So all that complaining — get what they want, only to have it revert back to the way it was before they started complaining, hilarious.

So gamers when your tempted to think or you know someone that thinks no one on PSN has a mic, refer to this article with confidence and exclaim EVERYBODY ON PSN HAS A MIC!