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E3 2016: Will Xbox Adopt the Cell Phone Model? No, Says Phil Spencer

Coming fresh off the  Epress conference, with Microsoft  announcing not one but two brand new consoles, became not just confusing from a standpoint of “what’s the difference?” But also has gamers questioning even more now than they already have if consoles will now adopt the cell phone industry’s model — and for that matter the PC model; releasing updated hardware every couple of years.

Phil Spencer, Head of Microsoft’s Xbox Division at least on their side of things says he has no plans to do so.

In an interview with  Phil spoke about numerous subjects regarding ‘Project Scorpio’ which you can read  the entire interview here but what stood out to me was his stance on releasing hardware every few years.


“But just because Microsoft is pushing ahead with a new console so soon doesn’t mean it plans to release them at a faster pace forever.”

This is what Phil had to say:

“Consumer expectation is that, if you wanted to, you could go buy a new cell phone every year. I don’t want to get into that mode with a console,” Spencer says. “I see the next inflection point as 4K, and I want to make sure we have a console there to support that, and Scorpio will do that. We’re not on a hardware tick-tock that says I need to put out a console every two years or every one year to get people to upgrade. That’s not the console model.”


So there you have it, for those worrying they may have to shell out 300-400 bucks annually to have the best console hardware fret not if Phil Spencer mentality is anything to go off of. I wonder what Sony feels about the matter, Shawn Layden looking at you lmboo.

My Thoughts:

I’m torn, on one hand it’ll be cool to always be up-to-date with the latest hardware, or at least have the option to do so, a very intriguing concept indeed. However on the other hand it could come off as companies simply milking. Not to mention it could be quite annoying to buy a whole other console every year or every other year.

I almost don’t want to put it in the air —  that concept model that cell phones have embraced for years as to not jinx myself or welcome something in, the industry is not truly ready for but if there was some way to find a happy medium; trade-in program anyone? It could truly become like the phone and PC market where some gamers will upgrade and some will not.

Bottom Line; if this concept ever comes into fruition (It seems for now it won’t) Microsoft… annnd Sony for that matter will definitely always have to justify the purchase by justifying the technology.

Would you be cool with an every couple of year update to your console? Or are you relieved that at least Microsoft  for now wants to keep the old tradition?  CCU wants to here from you.

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