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E3 2012: Another let down?

We’re getting closer to “Gamings’ Superbowl”E3 to be exact and strangely enough it’s quiet — almost too quiet.

No usual blockbuster rumors or astronomical hype surrounding this years event.The last couple of years, games and future plans — usually set to be revealed at the conference were literally announced mere weeks before the conference! Now we know everything that’s going to happen  before it happens (boo).

Aha! Strategy

In this new approach, when such a thing did occur I used to think “what are they doing?” (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo). “Don’t you know revealing so much — so early, just ruins the experience?”. And trying to make sense of it all I use to think Aha! Strategy — “Oh if they’re dropping these “bombs” now, it’s going to be “monstrous” when the actual show arrives”. Justifying they have so many games to announce and surprise us with, it couldn’t all possibly fit in the presentation on stage so they took the liberty to “leak” some out now. Until E3 came and gone and not only did it not deliver on that theory, but the entire show from the “Big 3” was overall underwhelming and disappointing.

I can honestly say E3 in general has been more of a disappointment than anything else (atleast last 4-5 years) maybe for the exception of one year .Now don’t get me wrong E3 still has that “special” aura to it but it needs to deliver the goods.

Nothing to fear but the year itself

Now some may say this has been a pretty dry year in gaming in general so there may just be nothing to talk about at E3 in general. The funny thing is, the one thing this press conference had to hang it’s gaming hat on and the one thing that could have had any inkling to generate excitement would’ve been the announcing of new consoles (not that I’m rushing). And now that it has been all but confirmed that no new hardware  would be announced, it puts the spotlight squarely back on software — this generation software to be exact. The irony of this is, not having a presence is still having a presence because if  the next generation is indeed around the corner, “The Big 3” may not care to wow us anymore and may be content with just releasing a couple of games for us to chew on while they feverishly work behind the scenes to prepare for new hardware.

Even as I look at this year —  God of War: Ascension, All Star Battle Royale, Grand Theft Auto V, Resident Evil 6 and The Last of Us could of easily been saved for E3 — now that would’ve started the show off with a bang! Couple that with Halo 4 gameplay, an  update on Agent, an update on Last Guardian, a surprise  price cut from Sony and you already got yourselves a bonafide show.

Stepping your “game” up

Microsoft I’m looking at you:

For the past few years your show has been built  on showing Call of Duty exclusive map packs and various Kinect titles and functionality, the gaming community wants more.

Sony I’m looking at you:

Every year you seem  poise to blow out E3 you have everything you need to dominate — the most platforms, a countless amount of games and to that have top notch Triple A games  in the waiting — exclusive to your console, but it seems you refuse to flex your gaming muscle and take out the competition. Either your talking about the “Move” too much or before that it was the aging PS2.

Nintendo looking at you:

In the past you’ve been a rehash monster — it’s rehash this and rehash that. Admittedly though, you may have had the best conferences the last two years running, even though that’s not saying entirely much.

You actually have a chance to shine the brightest this year. With a new console, all you have to do is live up  to the alleged specs and show the graphical  power of this machine and showcase games that look better and perform better than seen on any previous console.

All about presentation

Remember E3 is not just about announcing games it’s about announcing amazing games and also how said games are announced — I’m talking presentation people! If I know every game that will touch that stage and/or on top of that  these games don’t “wow” with unseen gameplay or significant details on the game then it will still be a let down.

I think what Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo is forgetting is that E3 biggest draw is that the biggest, best, most relevant games are announced there and that the presentation should be wrapped in an element of surprise.

Do you think this E3 will be a letdown? CCU wants to hear from you.


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