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E3 2011: Twisted Metal Gameplay, and Impressions



Twisted Metal is a franchise that is a childhood favorite for me. I remember having a ton of good times playing it back in the day when something called online gaming didn’t exist for consoles. So usually two players will you know, sit next to each other, in the same room, on the same TV. Those were the…. Uh… Wait no it wasn’t. Anyways Enough of that nostalgia. I am going into this Twisted Metal hoping that it is done right and that it draws me back into the Twisted Metal Universe.

The last Twisted Metal I’ve played was Twisted Metal Black. So having that said based off of what I saw on the game I have mixed feelings. While the graphics are not all that impressive, I think the gameplay looks fun. I mean Sweet Tooth basically has a Transformers swag about him. He can turn into a robot and really wreak havoc. The boss looks pretty cool and I am interested on how the story will be.

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