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E3 2011: Resistance 3 Gameplay, News, and Impressions




Sony announced Resistance 3 will include the Sharpshooter Move add-on in a new bundle launching September 6, 2011. The bundle will include Resistance 3, a sharpshooter (move rifle), a PlayStation Move controller, a navigation controller, a PS Eye camera. The whole thing will cost $150. Sorry guys not much news stay posted though we will have new news as soon as it is available.



My take on the new demo is mixed. While alien ships being blown to smithereens (if thats even how you spell it lol) is good and cool to watch, it is not necessarily new. But what is new is an alien survivor coming out of the ship covered with fire ready to go to war. That caught me off guard I’m not going to lie. So the player gets in to a little battle with some aliens and all of the sudden something created some sort of futuristic black hole pulling all of the enemys toward it and spinning the Chimera in circles like a washing machine would do to cloths. Nice!

So the demo skips ahead and war is seriously breaking out (by the way love the rain effects) and Chimera is jumping all over the place shooting and giant monsters that look like a huge ticks is also causing destruction. I personally love atmosphere in games and Resistance 3 looks like it will be full of it. Cant Wait!

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