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E3 2011 Press Conferences: Are we excited?

Choo Choo All Aboard! Last chance to jump on the hype train!!!  The train we come to know as the Superbowl of  Gaming- E3.

E3 is upon us and all I got to say is that I’m  not as excited anymore as I used to be. Don’t get me wrong I’m still anticipating E3 but just not as excited. Partly because of last years debacle. I felt no one had a strong showing, nah I take that back Nintendo’s conference was pretty good- they did what they had to do (and they might just make it two years in a row). However overall E3 did not deliver.

The other part of the equation is  I like so many others bought into the hype, (my fault) various sites breaking news left and right about what games will or won’t be shown- Uncharted 3 and who will or  won’t show up- Kojima, sounds familiar? I even saw somewhere Sony was going to have a  5hr conference!!! (only to be retracted by another article). I wrote a while ago the “Spike VGA’s are you excited”,  an article which was an opinion piece about how the VGA’s had so much hype  surrounding it , as it does every year and every year they don’t deliver. Gamers, Journalists,and Critics alike start speculating and once there’s speculating trouble is not to far away…in the form of an underwhelming  event or conference. But like I referenced in the other article, E3 as well is like Christmas as a kid, you know your not going to get what you want, but for some crazy reason we still get excited. You gotta love us.

So at the end of the day I’m  not falling down the rabbit  hole again if  E3 delivers GREAT!!! If it doesn’t I won’t be surprised. And for the record Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft if you’re not going to show what people think you’re going to show you still can deliver a strong conference, just put IP’s on the stage that will blow gamers away!!! I won’t give up.

So gamers of the world what are your thoughts on E3?  Have you been disappointed as well over the years? Are you excited? Leave your comments. And hopefully we’ll all enjoy E3 this year.

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