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E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference Announcements

So with Microsoft surprising people with a new Halo trilogy, and Sony showing what their new handheld system “Playstation Vita” can do, it was only right for Nintendo to come with their own tricks up their sleeves. Here is a list of the announcements that Nintendo had at their Press Conference.

– Zelda 25th anniversary!!! was honored and announced though no specifics. Skyward Sword will be released this year.

-3DS Mario Kart will be released this holiday seaseon.

– 3DS Starfox 64 will be released this September.

-3DS Supermario  before the year ends

-3DS Kid Icarus Uprising coming later this year, 3 on 3 multiplayer action!

– 3DS Smashbrothers

– Nintendos new system “Wii U”announced. Will have HD graphics and will feature a unique controller with a touchscreen on it that will allow the player to play even if the TV is occupied, players can also draw on it as well as keep fit. The developers also displayed a few ways on how to use the new controller which boasts a 6.2- inch touchscreen. One of the ways that was shown– the developer seen using the controller as a tee in a golf game. Some other capabilities included  a 1080 p output and the use of a 25 gig optical disc drive.




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