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E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference Announcements

On Monday,  June 6, 2011 Microsoft kicked off E3 2011 with their press conference. They showed off some gameplay from some highly anticipated games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Mass Effect 3, Gears of war 3, and more. Here is a list of the announcements just in cased you missed it.

-Modern Warfare 3 kicked off the conference with some great gameplay and a lot of action in New York city!

– A new Tomb Raider game was shown with gameplay of her trying to escape a cave after being held captive.

– Tiger woods PGA tour, Fifa, Madden, and one more EA sports title will all be able to use Kinect. Example for Madden was calling a audible at the line of scrimmage with Kinect.

– Mass Effect 3 is Kinect enabled and gameplay was shown with the player using voice commands to speak dialogue, and use voice during combat!

– Ghost Recon: Future soldier is also Kinect ready, and will feature a system where you can use Kinect to build your weapon in a detailed way such as changing barrel, adding attachments, and more.

– New Xbox Experience is being able to use Xbox Kinect to find music, games, movies etc.

– Youtube, Bing, and live television is coming to Xbox Live.

– Gears of War 3 campaign shown featuring new Mechs that the players used to try and defeat a sea creature.

– New game called Ryse that uses Kinect that seems to be set during the Roman Empire. “You are the controller”

– Halo Combat Evolved anniversary announced, HD remake of the first Halo game coming November 15, 2011.

– Forza Motorsport 4 shown, Kinect headtracking, and voice, community car clubs, rivals and more!

– Fable the Journey announced, it will be using Kinect as well. Player shown using hands to cast spells.

– Minecraft is coming exclusively this winter to Xbox 360 and Kinect.

– Kinect Disneyland announced showing that the player can go through the entire Disneyland theme park and play games like Alice and Wonderland and more.

– Star Wars Kinect gameplay shown, player body to perform jumps and attacks.

–  Kinect “Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster” announced, two player co op was shown.

– Kinect Sports, Fun Labs, and Dance Central 2 all displayed Kinect ability’s.

– Halo 4 announced with teaser showing MasterChief waking up and bursting out of capsule on a spaceship to find that the spaceship was under attack.

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