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E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 New Gameplay, News, and Impressions!




Mass effect took the stage and gave us fans a pleasant surprise. Mass effect 3 will allow the player to use the Kinect to speak the dialogue instead of using the controller and scrolling through the dialogue wheel. Also you can use Kinect to give squad mates commands to gain the tactical advantage over your enemies. Last but impressive was a new melee weapon that looked like a blade used by your omni tool, Sheperd slashed at the enemy to injure the enemy badly. Overall the game Looks promising and is slated to release March 6, 2012.



I’m not going to lie when I first looked at Mass Effect 3, I was thinking this looks a lot like Mass Effect 2. But I quickly threw that thought away when I caught off guard by the fact that you can actually use Kinect to speak in the game, now thats bananas. You are basically the character, and that opens up a new door for other games now that is appropriate for it. Imagine playing Fallout 3 and being able to speak your thoughts that’s on the screen. I love it! Now the thing that blew me away was that you can tell your squad what to do! That’s innovation because it helps out immersion a lot, Now the player will feel like he is actually giving commands himself/herself and talking to the characters. Wow! I have my eye out even more for this game, so much that its coming out of its socket lol. But Seriously I might need a Kinect before this year ends.

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