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E3 2011: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim New Gameplay, News, and Impressions!


E3 2011The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim


Some say the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be game of the year and I personally see the potential. At first glance of the new gameplay, you can really see how big and beautiful the game actually is. It is filled with attention to detail, something I dont see too much from recent games. You literally can travel as far as your eye can see. Dual wielding weapons, and magic is now possible. This gives the player a whole new way to play the game. “You are what you play” as Todd Howard game director of Skyrim says. If you want to be a powerful mage(wizard) you can dual wield spells and have either the same spell in both hands for a powerful version of the spell, or have two separate spells. The game also features a new menu system. You can view items in 3D and rotate the item around, this will be useful when trying to solve puzzles because some items may have clues on them. Speaking of 3D, the map is also 3D so when you enter the map you will be zoomed out into a view that is almost like you are in a airplane viewing the world from above. When viewing the skills menu you look to the stars and pick skills that and perks as though they were constellations. You can work and do jobs such as Smithing. Also you can sabotage some economy’s in the game. Horses are back but you cant fight while riding them. There are over 150 dungeons in the game to  explore, fight unique enemy’s, and find treasure. Finisher moves are something new too, so you can take out enemy’s in a cool way such as stabbing a person right through their heart. The game also has dragon shouts which is separate from magic and you get them from learning the words and killing dragons. There are three levels of dragon shouts so they get powerful with every level. Dragons are one of the most powerful enemy’s that you will encounter and the battles with them can get pretty epic. So if all of this amazing news does not get you excited for the game, then I will start to question if you guys are human!


Based off the new Gameplay I would say I’m even more hyped for this game then before. I was impressed that Bethesda Game Studios finds a way to make The Elder Scrolls games very fresh each time even though the games are based off of the same fundamentals. I personally liked the few seconds I did see of the third person view. For one it looked a lot better than Oblivion from the way the character walked, and the sword swings looked very real and powerful. I did want Todd Howard to kill that fox and save the bunny’s though. When Todd encountered those wolves it showed me three things, one the wolf in the front looked different from the others which is great because all of the wolves in Oblivion looked roughly the same even though it was two breeds. Two there were three wolves together and not just a wolf, because in Oblivion every time I seen a wolf it was alone and random and awkward. And three that finisher on the wolf was amazing! Another thing that stood out to me was when the character was fighting the draugr’s after he already killed three. So he had the lightning spell, and some sort of mind control spell( I think turn undead) where he made the draugr run and chased it and electrocuted it to make the draugr go flying, that was nice! The dragon battle was really epic and made me think of all the possibilities. All in all I think the game is going to be extremely good and we are just going to have to wait until 11/11/11 to fully experience it.

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