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E3 2011: Battlefield 3 Gameplay, News, and Impressions





At EA’s E3 press conference, it was revealed that Battlefield 3 will have an open beta beginning this September. Also EA announced it will release Battlefield 3 on October 25, 2011. And Finally Sony announced at their press briefing that the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3 will exclusively include Battlefield 1943 on the disc.



When the gameplay trailer first started I thought that dinosaurs might have been confirmed for Battlefield 3 but unfortunately that was just the main characters child’s toy to remind him of them, maybe next time Rex lol. But on a serious note, I thought the intro was a cool way to bring the player closer to the character. Now you know he has kids so subconsciously you probably might not want him to die. Once the character looks at the soldier and the desert I realized how amazing the game looks. I never seen anything like it, but it’s something about the new “Frostbite 2” engine that I really like other than the obvious in your face graphics. When the player finally got to see some action while manning the cannon on the tank the sound effects really shined. From a visual stand point I really liked how the dust kicked up in the air and the guy had to switch to night/day vision mode. Even though the demo was strictly in the tank I enjoyed the gameplay, action, and attention to detail. Check out ConsoleControllUs for future info on Battlefield 3.

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