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E3 2011: Batman AC Reveal – Playable Catwoman

Surprise Folks!! You can play as Catwoman!!  That was Rocksteady’s reveal during GTTV’s on air demo of the game Batman Arkham City. From the looks of things you may as well start off as Catwoman and your basically doing (instead of watching a cutscene) everything that leads up to her capture courtesy of  Two-Face  (SWEET! if true) that was shown in an earlier trailer.

While she goes in Arkham City with the intent to steal the contents out of  Two-Face’s safe she then gets greeted by a gun- a gun belonging to none other than the coin flipping man himself !  Then it seems you take control of Batman at that point.Rocksteady says  Catwoman comes with her own set of moves that differs from Batman’s which will allow gamers to experience different gameplay elements.

Rocksteady says the game we’ll feature 25 plus hours of gameplay. And for all who might be concerned about how much or how little you we’ll be controlling Batman, of the 25 hrs about  10%  is Catwoman which we’ll be bad or good depending on how you look at it . Batman comes out in October for Xbox 360,PS3, and PC. Here’s the interview and footage.


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