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Driver: San Francisco Singleplayer Walkthrough Trailer

Tanner is back again behind the wheel chasing down bad guys while avoiding the boys in blue. Driver San Fransisco is Ubisofts up and coming Driving/Action game out this July. For those of you too young to remember the first Driver was on the Playstation, then two more sequels came along which didn’t receive great reviews as the first. Driver San Fransisico looks good but could be better, has over a hundred and twenty licensed cars THAT CAN BE DAMAGED!! YOU HEAR THAT KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI…take notes. Car damage is good. Anyway, take a look at the trailer which was played at E3.

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  1. lmbooooo @the KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI comment

    • So mode since you like this better than KAZUNORI YAMAUCHI’s game are you getting the steering wheel for it?

  2. i wouldn’t get a steering wheel for a game like this because the cars does not drive like the real thing, kind of like Split Second or Test Drive unlimited. but i am still trying to get a cockpit car in my living room for gran turismo 5

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