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Does a sports title ever have a chance to win ‘Game of the Year’? (again)

Spike VGA 10 just passed and year after year Us gamers love to see the top games get honored, especially for ‘Game of the Year’. But if you noticed; what’s glaringly missing from this particular category are sports titles which had me thinking…”Does a sport title ever have a chance to  win ‘Game of the Year?” Hmmmm….

Not that any sports title has deserved it yet — now or in recent past, well I can’t speak across the board for sports games; I’m more a football-wrestling-basketball guy. But at the same time I don’t ever remember hearing someone vouch for, or defend, or argue for, or felt slighted by a lack of a sports presence; in particular a sports game being deserving of the most coveted award. It almost feels as if there’s some unwritten rule that sports games don’t deserve (no matter how good it is) a shot at the crown. If your not a Triple A title, or action/action-adventure, or shooter, or a deep emotionally charged story driven game — pretty much anything not named sports, it seems you won’t even be considered.

Games like Movies

Going further with this,  I liken the situation to the VGA’s being The Oscars/Academy Awards and sports games being the Comedy genre. You know how comedies (no matter how good they are) never get nominated, well yeah same thing. If your not action/action-adventure,  or autobiography, or suspense or drama, or romance —  pretty much anything not named comedy your out of luck. So you can see the parallelell and that parallel has a mystique and a legend all of its own. Who can understand it?

You see there’s two elements to this puzzle, one: Would it even be considered, no matter how good it is? And two: Even if it was considered the best game by gamers and journalists alike would it win? This year might have been the best chance to test that theory. I actually thought for a mere second that the  year was so dry — as far as quantity meeting quality, a sports title might actually get nominated.

Can Fight Night, Madden, NBA 2K13, FIFA, NHL, MLB the Show, Tiger Woods Golf, Gran Turismo, Forza Motor Sport (just to name a few)  ever have a chance to win Game of the Year? As the wise owl so adequately put it, “the world may never know”. Maybe we can at least hope for a nomination, baby steps people! What do you gamers think?  CCU wants to hear from you.

*Update Madden 2004 actually did win ‘Game of the Year’ at the very first VGA (so my bad). A lot has changed since then though, since the first VGA a sports game has not only not won but has not even been nominated and I don’t know if sports games would ever be considered for the award again

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  1. Must be a slow news day, who cares about sports games?

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