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Do you see what I see?: MK- Spectator mode with avatars? a Movie Theatre?

WOW! So I’m minding my business listening to my Will Smith CD  then I came across this video of MK the other day put out by Albeit the video is grainy, but I still found my self being wowed by the onscreen events  taking place and then it happened, while the star of the show was undoubtedly supposed to be Kratos I got thrown for a loop when I witnessed online King of the Hill! which look like a spectator mode….WITH AVATARS!!!….AVATARS that look like it has the spirit of  PlayStation Home.

Not only that, but these avatars look to be in a room or better yet a movie theatre type setting doing random acts like bopping and clapping, DID YOU SEE IT!!! If you didn’t it happens around the 1 minute mark. Now what if  your controlling these actions instead of it actually being random! that would be sweet! Anyway if you missed it here’s the video. If it is what I think it is, I think I saw, it’s definitely a welcome addition. What do you guys think?

*Disclaimer like I said the video’s grainy but I’m using it as a point of reference.

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