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Do you rely on reviews to make your video game purchases? Are you suffering from Review-itis?

So a lot of games came out lately…a lot of good games at that — but I was curious as to what percentage of those games were purchased on the merit of the review scores associated  with it.

Did the games that did crazy numbers — Gears of War 3, Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  do so because of the reviews themselves? Or was it bacause of the hype and homework gamers had done year round? Looking at the numbers, all getting 9’s or better (IGN) and each did amazing in  first week sales. Uncharted 3 — 3.8 million first day, Batman: AC — 2 million — first week, Gears 3 — 3 million — first week, Skyrim — 3.4 million — 2 days and Call of Duty — an unbelievable 12.3 million! — first week, now that just isn’t fair.

But why are these games doing so well? Yeah you can factor in hype and homework you can even factor in titles living off their own names and past performances, something tells me though there’s more — like these reviews are playing a major role. Think about it, if these aformentioned games all got 3 out of 10 scores would the gaming world still buy? Hmmmmm and if they did buy would it be these astronomical numbers we’re seeing to close out this second half, Hmmmmm (Singing) I-dooon’t-knoooow-ooh.

Even me as great as I would like to think I get my purchases strictly on “homework” I may have to admit that reviews do sway me, even if it’s a small percentage. But that’s why we look at reviews in the first place right? I guess in my case I do it to confirm what I already feel — if it doesn’t confirm, I’ll most likely look into it, some do it because there not sure and need guidance, some may do it strictly for entertainment but either way — I’m seeing reviews hold weight…and maybe more weight than we care to admit.

So gaming community I implore you once again, not sure if this is you?  If the sole reason your playing those Batman’s, Uncharted’s, Skyrim’s, Gears’s and Call of Duty’s is because of the review scores asscociated with them look out! Still not sure? Ok I’ve compile a list of questions that you can ask yourself to put you in the “real box”.

It goes like this:

  • If you knew you were the only one that liked the game would you still get it?
  • Do you have to  wait until you see a review before you purchase?
  • If the respective reviews of these “hot games” all got ‘1’ scores would you still buy?
  • Are all your friends saying the game is “hot” and a “must buy” but you refuse to purchase because of a review you saw?
  • How about did you have no intention of getting the game, saw a review score and blindly made the purchase?

If the answer is yes to any  of these you could be suffering from Review-itis.

So after all the facts, numbers and diagnosis, “Do you rely on reviews to make your video game purchases? Are you suffering from Review-itis?” Maybe we should rely on video games, to make our video game purchases. CCU wants to hear from you.

Disclaimer* It’s all fun and games — literally! — lmboooo (laughing my butt off) and while some people may move this way, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means that it’s not right..lmbooo. I was just curious as to who does it, that’s all. OUT.


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