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Destiny: The Liason Between First Person Shooter…And Everything Else


I am fine with never having played a FPS(First Person shooter), but then Destiny has forced me to do everything I have avoided in gaming: FPS, online multiplayer, co-ops…however my reservations went right out the window five  minutes into the game.

As I played I realized how many of my friends who care nothing for this kind of gaming were playing Destiny…everyday! Destiny seems to reach across the gaming lines which in my opinion makes it a very successful game. Of course Destiny isn’t perfect: The story mode was too short and a little light but we all know it’s not really about the story anyway.

Destiny is basically about leveling up. Your goal is to level your armor, weapons and your guardian up and you do that by completing bounties, patrols missions, strikes, crucibles etc…so as much as I would like a longer campaign it’s clear that the story supports the missions in the game rather than the missions support the story.

The game also keeps you busy with new content weekly and daily. The pull is also trying to obtain random, rare and very powerful items which in turn help you level everything up some more.

Destiny has some shortcomings but what game really doesn’t have shortcomings.
Destiny is successful because it’s converted people who never thought twice about playing a FPS. Destiny isn’t perfect but if the pros far outweigh the cons then to me its successful. The success in Destiny isn’t necessarily how much it’s sold or how great the game is but how many stubborn players like myself it’s converted.

I know of five people in my circle who all are hooked on Destiny who either never played a FPS or just outright refused to. I will probably never play COD (Call of Duty) sorry, but Destiny? Everyday if I can help it.

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