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Chrono Trigger Review — God bless Square — They made Chrono Trigger

This game was re-released on PSN and is very similar to the PS1 version. If you loved the release on the PS1 then you should be at home playing this version of the game. I have heard lots of things regarding this game. I didn’t know as many people liked it as I have. To no end though, say what you might but to me I have yet to see an RPG put it together as this one has. Bar-none (including FF7 and FF10). Some might ask why would you give this game so much praise when games like Final Fantasy 3, 7, 10, Brave Fencer Musashi, Fable and others are out. Well ponder this when you play an RPG what do you hope to accomplish? You want to be put in a meaningful role and fulfill a worthwhile goal. That’s what this game does from beginning to end. Everytime I play this game I feel like I’m visiting some old friends. With that out the way let’s break it down.   For its time it was the best, now most people consider it dated and inferior. I still like the charming, quant, and simple graphics. You have sprite models which was the practice and capabilities of its era. These were still top notch and more than served it’s purpose, then when they remade it for PS1 and PSN they added anime cut scenes which spiced up the story visually. All the movements are easy to track; the spells and combat are still great to this day. The engine used gets the job done to sum things up.

 This game is one of the only where I take story over gameplay. It all starts with a young boy named Crono (don’t they all LOL) He wakes one day to go to the local fair in his time period. He then bumps literally into a princess —  Nadia (god I hate those princesses) they then encounter his friend Lucca who has a new science project. This machine takes them through time to meet other characters in other periods such as the Knight Frog, Robo the robot and Alya the cavewoman. Though they all come from different time periods they all have one thing in common —  the welfare of the planet. Their once thought to be enemy Magus is only a prelude to the real enemy. It is a race through and of time to save the planet from the true enemy. Plot twist, mystery, intrigue, and love all creep there way into this story. Not to spoil it though this is the first game where something major happens to the main character. Crono is the only star of a game that doesn’t talk and can still make you feel for him. Well there’s that guy from GTA3 but he’s an anti hero LOL.

Superb that’s all I can say. Experience it for yourself. Techs, double techs, choose who you fight and time travel secrets. Not only does this game do a good job of being an RPG but it also does an excellent job of being a time travel game. Many time travel themes whether it be movie or game or other medium have loop holes, not this game. It keeps you on track, takes you through a wide array of time sets and even goes as far as secret boxes that react to what time period you open them in. Give a woman something for free in the past and her family learns to be generous. Sell that same item and they only learn to be money hungry. While Fable has a nice tag line of “for every choice a consequence!” It could only hope to be as deep as this game. The controls are simple and easy to interface.
The sound is superb for the time frame this game came out. In the 16-bit era it wasn’t too hard to stand out with your music. If you had a catchy tune then you were good to go. Although games like Mega Man and Final Fantasy made their hype with the inclusion of music, this game was built on sound. Although we are spoiled by voice acting these days this game conveyed it’s feelings through sound. Every character had a theme (like Star wars). The sound effects were dead on, and there wasn’t a time when you were left hanging in this area. I prefer this soundtrack to the most covenant one of any system to this day.

To rap things up this is an excellent game that was ahead of it’s time. This game was well worth a release on the PlayStation Network and is worthy of a try. It does so much good I fail to see the bad and I’ll admit to that. I give this game 10 out of 10. Buy it, Steal it, Borrow it, doggone it just get it OK!!! PEACE!!

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