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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots — Review



To call MGS4 a master piece would be insulting this game:

I have to apologize to this game for reviewing it so late, but I have a real life. This is the definitive console game, and that is not an understatement. Often gamers ride the MGS series for having long cut scenes or spending too much time with the story. To those who say that I say grow a brain and some insight. To not recognize MGS 4 as the best game on the PS3, the best game this Gen so far, and perhaps one of the greatest games made is a serious oversight.


Hands down this is one of┬áthe best looking games on any system to date. If someone disagrees then I’ll just have to decapitate them. Yes I feel that strongly. The smoke that emits from Snakes cigarettes during the loading of scenes to the subtle way Snake steps over a downed combatant is brilliant. Snake twist, turns, lies, and fires in the most real true to life fashion I have seen in gaming. I know because I am a Soldier and we study these things. His ‘knife work’ is great also. Going beyond Snake though the enemies are all given care and will react to being shot, held hostage, and a multitude of other things. The lighting and shadow effects are CRAZY!! The motion capture is off the hook. The one drawback I would have to make is the facial expressions in the game are second to Heavenly Sword, and Heavy Rain. If they did whatever it was that Team Ninja did in that game, MGS 4 would be untouchable for years to come. It’s safe to say this game is gorgeous.

I guess the first question would be….is it necessary to play the previous games to enjoy this game the answer would be yes and no. Yes if you want to understand and fully follow the story. The answer is no if you just want to enjoy the superb gameplay. The story goes like this: Snake has accelerated in age and he has one last mission to carry out. He is indeed the only Soldier who can execute this mission. Liquid/Revolver is out to take over the world’s computer systems and by extension the world. Things are never what they seem to be in MGS 4. As any fan of the series will tell you things start out kind of simple, but get increasingly crazy. In this story though saying things go from bad to worse is a gross understatement. At one point I couldn’t even see how Snake would pull it off. The ending of this game was the best I’ve seen since Mega Man 2 back on the NES. I know that doesn’t compare, but by making that comparison is meant to say they both evoke emotion from the player. I really felt for Snake like he was an old friend who was about to leave me forever.

Any gamer knows a game can look and sound great, but who wants to play the unplayable? With MGS 4 you don’t have to worry one bit. This is the meat and potatoes of the game. Where past MGS games got away with slight clunky controls and limited ranges of moves this one blows not only its own past games away, but any shooter of the current times. You collect guns (which you are never short on) and you can modify them; a feat never done before in MGS. The use of real weapons are a treat as I carried around an M4 rifle all day everyday while in Iraq. So to view the weapon and it’s modifications was kind of scary because someone must have told Kojima Productions exactly what we use and how they are used. Take the attachable flashlight; not only does it light your path, but is a strong light that blinds enemies as well. You have a ton of weapons at your disposal too. You can crawl, walk, run, roll over and fire, and many more things.


Yet another area this game shines. The scores of music that play as you move from area to area are stellar. When a boss sets foot on screen or a certain fight sequence plays out the music is right on point to keep you more than on the edge of your seat. The voice acting is on par with the most dramatic of films. No line is cheesy or campy and are all delivered with precise timing and wit. There is even an iPod you find in the game and collect music for, which you can then listen to past games in the series. A lot of time and care was put into this area.

When talking about the area of re-play value this game is rich, but only in the area of people seeking to beat times and find hidden goodies. You get different animal codes such as bear or turtle for beating the game in a certain amount of time and meeting a particular criteria. Plus you can get rewards for seeking out these items. So high marks in this area.

Now on it’s own MGS 4 is a crown jewel, but for some reason Konami wasn’t satisfied with that. They went and packed in a stellar online portion to the game. In most games like this where the campaign is the most important thing the online feels tacked on. Not in MGS 4 it’s like a separate team spent time dedicated to this portion as you can see different games, you feel strategy play out and many other things. Once again excellent work was done here.

MGS 4 was promised to be the end all be all on the PS3 and to me it’s just that. It was a wise move to repackage the game with a console. To me this one game if there ever was one is a system seller. If you are a gamer and don’t own a PS3 then you should get one and this should be your first title. Play it, live it, and enjoy it because there won’t be a game of this caliber for quite some time heck probably not until the next Play station. END MESSAGE….Snake it was an honor and a privilege to help you carry out your last mission. PEACE!!


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