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For all you Gran Turismo fans out there an update has been added allowing car damage. Two types of damages are available, light damage which gives your car mechanical problems but regenerates over time; and heavy damage, which gives your car more serious damages which only can be repaired at a pit stop.

Damages and wear and tear on your car effects the handling and performance of your vehicle as well. If your driving using the HUD, you will see where your car is taken damage but it does not show the severity of the damage.

This is a HUGE plus. However, you can’t get car damage in career mode. That’s right. No damage in career mode. I say if your not going to add car damage in career mode then don’t add it at all. Hopefully in the future an update in career mode that allows car damage will come. Until then my fellow G.T. 5 lovers we must sit, wait and pray for that day…..or we can just go back to playing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. I prefer the latter.

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