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Broken Console = Broken Heart

We all love our console(s). If we didn’t we wouldn’t spend all of our hard earned money buying new games and accessories for it. However, there comes a time when we get so frustrated with losing a game, impatience with finding an item or our console just won’t turn on that we take our anger out on it. Many people have taken there aggression out on their console, controller and/or their television. Uncontrolled¬†anger may cause increased anxiety, high blood pressure and headaches and trigger fights or abuse. Anger is a powerful emotion that if handled properly can save you, your console and your money. Here are a few tips that may help you.

1. Go out for a walk

2. Do something physical ie: basketball, football, gym

3. Talk to a friend or counsellor

4. Learn meditation and relaxation techniques

5. Watch a movie or television

If none of these tips help you should seek professional help from your doctor. Video games is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all if one decides to act appropriately and have a plan of attack if ones anger does arise. Exercise helps reduce stress and tension in the body. Numerous worldwide studies have documented that regular exercise can improve mood and reduce stress levels. The effect may be two-fold: physical exertion burns up stress chemicals, and it also boosts production of mood-regulating neurotransmitters in the brain, including endorphins and catecholamines.

We here at Console ControllUs wants everyone to enjoy playing video games but not at the cost of your health. If you or anyone you know have a problem with their anger log on to for more information. If this doesn’t convince you check this video out below.


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  1. LOL, funny article.

  2. this is ridiculous LOL!!!! But yes i’ve thrown controllers i’m guilty. SMH!

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