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At the SEGA Event: Thor plays like God of War -Captain America plays like Batman AA

So I’m at SEGA’s Press Event that took place last Friday, and I got to witness Thor: God of Thunder and Captain America: Super Soldier for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii in action for the first time and of course I went in apprehensive, for the obvious reason of  the reputation that movie games don’t transfer over with the same quality as other ‘top flight’ games but nonetheless was happy to be there getting my “feet wet”, learning the business, networking, and getting to know the wonderful people behind Sega.

But Oh boy! was I pleasantly surprised! (I’ll get to that later) especially by Captain America as I got direct hands on with the game  (Thor I just watched). First the facts though, both games play in 3D as far as the story both games are not based on their respective movies, with Captain America following a fill-in-the blank  approach, look at it as a deleted scenes type of a deal from the upcoming movie. Captain America: Super Soldier comes out July 19, 2011 Thor: God of Thunder comes out May 3, 2011.

So now to address my impressions, First from a graphical standpoint both games look pretty good bright vibrant colors smooth animations especially Captain America I wouldn’ t be surprised if it’s being powered by the Unreal 3 engine. Thor definitely borrows from God of War’s gameplay but it didn’t  feel like a rip-off like other games inspired by the franchise  previously. Thor has it’s own identity while keeping the tradition of God of War. Captain America though in my opinion undoubtedly was steal of the event.

Man where do I start! First Captain America feels from a gameplay standpoint very reminiscent of  Batman AA. It actually gave me the feeling of the first time I played the Batman AA demo (which actually sold me on the game) I knew from the first time I played  Batman AA  it was going to be special and that this was actually going to beat the system and not fall into the stereo type of a bad superhero slash movie turn video game  blunder that so many others before it fell victim to. So believe it or not folks Captain America: Super Soldier has that “special factor” to it I don’t know what they did to it! It almost feels like SEGA took Batman AA’s engine for this game and built their game around it. One the animations! Wow! Top notch man! I mean smooooooth, smooth as a baby’s bottom, beautiful nice clean animations, even from one animation to another If your familiar with AA’s fight system you’ll feel right at home here. They also got the best flip animation of all time! I will never get tired of doing that, also playing with shield is fun (think Batman’s batarang system) which is important because of course this is Captain America.

Now Captain America: Super Soldier could be 2011’s version of Batman AA  allah surprise of the year but hold your horses captain (pun intended) the verdict is still out on the enemy AI and the story but if they get those two parts working  in conjunction with their top notch gamplay/animation system SEGA may have a hit on their hands.

*Side note at the time of  the event there are no plans for a demo for either game.

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