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Fallout 3 Review: A brilliant game — log that into your Pip-boy

Fallout 3 is a great game with superb game play that equals up for a good long journey into fun. I have heard Fallout 3 is Oblivion with guns well I never played Oblivion, but if that’s the case it must be good. Fallout 3 continues on about the life in vault dwellers that emerge to try and save the ravaged waste land.

While the graphics are good there are a couple of things I had a problem with. In their pursuit to emplace a vast amount of NPCs around there seems to be a lot of people who look alike. While enemies might look alike, I wouldn’t mind it, but for the civilians to do so, is crazy in this age of gaming. People don’t always walk the way you’d expect them to. They slide and glide from time to time and I have problems with the background. There are some minor clipping issues and the collision detection is off a slight bit. Oh and why don’t people open doors? LOL they just seem to disappear in and out of rooms and houses. It’s good, but it’s no Killzone or MGS4 I’ll tell you that.

It is an interesting foray and approach to an RPG story. You (whatever you name yourself) are born, grow up, and then start a search for your missing dad who after some undisclosed mishap has left the vault. When you are pursued by the overseer things become a little too hectic to stay in Vault 101. You soon escape into the vast D.C. wasteland where you do a lot of growing up and adventuring. The main thing is to look for your dad, but all types of interesting side quest come up.

A strong area that brings this whole package together. The controls are excellent with your character, it’s easy to control. The Pip-boy keeps things easy to manage and makes sure you are never lost. The world you explore is vast and never boring. All the while whatever quest you are doing seems to be relevant to your main quest. So it never seems like you are wasting your time doing side quests. The VATS system is an excellent combat element in which you enter a sort of ‘time slow down’ where it  targets areas of an opponent’s body and extracts some great combat and gore. Exploring is fun and you get to accumulate allies while you do so. It’s hard to collect money which is called CAPS, but easy to find weapons so to me it evens out. Much time and care was put into the most important area of this game and that’s the play mechanics. Always fun to just roam around and get into a fight or two.

The game excels in this area and keeps the mood great at all times. You can turn on the radio stations on your Pip-boy and sit back and enjoy some tunes as you slay many a beast or wasteland outlaw. Although the dialogue is ok, why couldn’t they find more than five people to do the voice acting? From town to town and place to place you keep hearing the same people and seeing the same faces. The weapons, moans, groans, and other effects are marvelous. This game is also funny in a lot of respects, like when you take the Goat just listen to the test questions and you will be holding your sides.

The replay value is high in Fallout 3. You can find all types of secrets, rescue people, or do all the side quests. When that is done you can download some more content and play with that too. The best thing is every game is never the same.

I highly recommend that you get Fallout 3. It is a fine representation of gaming at it’s best this generation. You will have fun exploring the vast wasteland. You can clean up the super mutant problem in downtown D.C.  and you can participate in a large number of games and challenges, too. I don’t think getting bored will be an issue with Fallout 3. PEACE!!


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