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Anonymous Responds to Halting Attacks on Sony; Releases Statement

From VGN365:

It was recently announced that Anonymous has halted attacks on Sony. Now, the hacking group has released a statement detailing why they stopped OpSony.

In a statement provided to VGN365 by the group, Anonymous has decided the outcome of the PlayStation Network shortage as well as more factors were key to halting OpSony. The group have been fighting for the gamers and no one else.

This is what they said in their statement:

We have attacked Sony in order to send a message that gamers worldwide have certain rights, and are not merely sources of income. Your temporary inconveniences have allowed a lasting impact to be made upon Sony, and other corporations that are tempted to follow in the pursuit of sacrificing service to customers in exchange for larger profits. Although you may have been unable to game for a day, this event will likely provide hundreds of hours of such in the future. Anonymous are gamers too. And we support the rights of people worldwide, and will stand up for the right of having access to the device that you BOUGHT.

They ended the statement with:

Sony has decided not to Sue Geohotz; that is a victory. And that’s one of our purpose in OpSony. Thus, we have achieved what we wanted. Mission accomplished.

This is Anonymous’ recent video prior to halting attacks on Sony:


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  1. Are they serious!?!… I don’t know what to think…. All this to make SONY stop focusing about the money…. Wow… I wonder would that even work.

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