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$60 no…no…we spend a $100 on games

DLC… DLC…DLC and by the way did I mention DLC. DLC is the reason for this article and the publishers are geniuses. Why? What’s better to say this game costs $100 or charge $60 dollars and then nickel and dime us upwards of $100.

I not to recently saw an article speaking on a  program  (by the way these trends are growing at an alarming rate) done by Epic as it relates to Gears of War 3 that is very much like the Call of Duty Elite program and  publishers like THQ and EA have done with other titles (SmackDown vs Raw 11 and Madden 12 come to mind). In Epic’s case I read they’re offering you all the DLC that will be releasing for the game post launch, and guess what? — ‘what’? it costs $35 and I believe your actually saving through the program! Now if I do the math…hold on give me a second it’s been a while….60 well 65 (you have to include tax) so 65 + 35 = well lookie lookie $100…wow! So you mean to tell me we’ve been a victim of genius marketing? I’m not  necessarily mad, I’m just stating and observation. And for the naysayers who may feel well ‘you don’t have to buy it’ –‘ it’s and option’ yeah true but again genius marketing comes into play, they sell you the fact that your not getting the “whole experience” if you don’t buy. And c’mon really?honestly? they know…we know…they know that we know that they know that for the most part everyone wants to extend the games they love. So in essence, yeah they didn’t put a gun to our head but (in a mobster voice) they made us and offer we can’t

By the way obviously these are not exact numbers just numbers I chose to play with, some may spend less some more,but the bottom line and the point of this article  is, a lot if not most gamers are not just paying what it costs for the game itself. I just wanted to promote conversation and get the gaming community in on a topic I feel affects us all.

So gamers what are your thoughts on the topic? Leave comments.

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