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The Division: Downgrade? What Downgrade?

Posted by on May 28, 2016 in Featured, Microsoft, Original Content, PS4, Sony, VIDEOS, Xbox One | 0 comments

I’m going to say what everybody else is to scared to say.

Ubisoft did it!  I actually  felt this way since the first closed beta, then again when they released the open beta and definitely when the game launched and that is this:

Graphically, it is  on par with the infamous 2013 trailer. Yup! I said it.

The Backstory

What am I talking about? for those that are not in the know it was E3 2013,  Ubisoft steps on the stage to introduce a new IP via a trailer — no even better, gameplay that got everyone excited about the game.  Everyone pretty much agreed that The Division was a graphical showcase and gamers couldn’t wait to immerse themselves in  New York City…the game’s site location. Arguably the most anticipated game at E3 that year.

(Insert Trailer Here)

Fast Forward E3 2014 Ubisoft again steps on the stage  to showoff  their game and something went terribly wrong, To some the game did not look as good as it did the year prior and that’s when Ubisoft again got tagged by gamers with that “ugly” industry word that some feel is becoming a horrible trend, especially when it comes to Ubi, the word? “DOWNGRADE”.  I say again because Ubisoft just went through this not to long ago with the release of Watch_Dogs where gamers still have a bad taste in their mouths from the perceived downgrade in that game.

So fair or unfair gamers were going watch  (no pun intended) their future releases with a skeptical eye; The Division would definitely be watched under a heavy microscope. And boy! Did the gaming community and the media let Ubisoft have it when they felt once again lied to.

So as for me, I was also skeptical because I saw what y’all saw but I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong (at the time) I wasn’t ready to use the word downgrade just yet but I knew something was up. But all I said to myself is that “When this Beta finally comes out I’m going to look for that “feeling” I got from that trailer”. If it doesn’t match then I will get on the “Downgrade” train until then I will sit patient.

Beta comes out and I indeed got the exact feeling I got with that ’13 trailer the graphical fidelity that put the game on the map in the first place was alive and well so I was smiled because the alleged venomous downgrade everyone was spewing was a myth.

I even to make sure put on the same clothes from that trailer and even did the slow walk to ensure to get as close as reactin  that trailer as possible u start off in brooklyn at the very spot where the trailer to place so i reancting that as well


But Wait Y’all Not Crazy…

I’m not going to sit here and say you guys had no merit for your complaints but I think the different times a day — the lighting if you will (which I’ll get to in a second) the angle and YouTube all played a role in your negative tagging of this game.

1) YouTube is a horrible translator of this game: First I must say the videos different sources was putting out on this game wow it was hooooorrrrible the game looked like a totally different game,  maybe even the biggest culprit in the scandal for some strange reason the game looks horrible on YouTube

2) Lighting: I  Turn your attention back to the trailer go to 1:26 and pause, see, it looks degraded in that shot, but that’s just how the sun is beaming — it takes away detail. When the lead character returns to the shadows the perceived fidelity that made us fall in love with this game is back!

3) The areas you think are subpar may have never been shown in that intial trailer, point being it couldve looked that bad from the jump we just didnt see enough of the game it couldve have very well always looked that way


But Let’s Talk Graphics For A Sec Shall We 

When I think Graphics I think fidelity the level of quality of character models materials like clothing or


Furthermore All the cool stuff we saw demonstrated was present smoke check bullets piercing glass check the littered field new york check dynamic shadows check light reflections check shooting through material ie billboards or desks check MELting snow upon impact everything is present


Overall I think a lot of Us jumped the gun calling this game a downgrade it’s beautiful


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